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Our Catholic Identity and Parish

Our Catholic identity and close links with our parish is a keystone for the evangelising mission of the St Francis of Assisi Catholic Parish Primary school community. It is expressed in structures and processes; in curriculum and the learning environment; in the formation of staff; in strategic planning and community culture; the wellbeing of students; and the engagement of parents, parish and the wider community.

As a Catholic school, the Good News of Jesus is central to our lives. School prayer, liturgies and Masses are an important and enriching aspect of daily life at St Francis of Assisi. 

  • Our school day begins with the whole school praying together during morning assembly. The students are given regular opportunities to gather for class or school prayer.
  • Liturgies are an important part of the lived experiences of our Religious Education Program. As a whole school we celebrate special liturgies throughout the year - beginning and end of each term, special Feast Days and school events.
  • Masses are prepared by stage groups and provide opportunities for maximum student preparation and involvement. Dates for these celebrations are communicated via the school and parish newsletter.

St Francis of Assisi also supports the work of Caritas Australia, Catholic Mission, St Vincent de Paul – including a Mini Vinnies group that meets regularly. Our involvement in environmental initiatives to ‘care for our common home’ is also an important hallmark of our Catholic identity at St Francis of Assisi, as our faith in God – expressed through our commitment to prayer and worship – calls us to action.

Our parish priest Father Martin Mai regularly visits the classroom to assist with deepening the understanding and knowledge of all students around the Religious Education curriculum.



Welcome and thank you for choosing our parish school for your child.

Apart from trying our best as a parish school to provide your child with a good education in all phases including basic human development, we rely on your effort also to create a stronger sense of “belonging” to your child.

Your family and your child belong to a community which is rich in diverse cultures, backgrounds and religious traditions.

As a Catholic school, we are fostering the idea that all children are precious in the eyes of God and hence we embrace the teachings and values of the Gospel of Christ.

I look forward to meeting you personally and working with you – let us work together to be community, to do community and to live community.

Fr Martin Mai OFM Conv



Our school is part of the St Francis of Assisi Catholic Parish community in Warrawong.

There are many aspects of parish life in which students, staff and families may become involved. All members of our parish school community are actively encouraged to be part of parish and church life. 

Our sacramental programs are parish-based and prepare children for the reception of the Sacraments of Reconciliation (Year 3); Eucharist-First Communion (Year 3); and Confirmation (Year 6). The Religious Education Coordinator, supported by members of the staff and parish, coordinates the programs. As we acknowledge and support the parents as the first educators in their children’s faith, both children and their parents are required to attend the lessons during the preparation for the sacraments.

Participation in weekend Mass is also actively encouraged. View the Parish Mass Times here.

For more information, phone the St Francis of Assisi Parish on (02) 4276 3565 or email