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Staff consists of the Principal, class teachers and support staff in Administration or classrooms. Specialist teachers include a Physical Education teacher, a Drama teacher and a Reading Recovery teacher.


  Principal   Mrs Vicky Davidson
  Assistant Principal   Mr Rodney Green
  Religious Education Coordinator   Mrs Mandy Madaschi  
  Middle Leader 2   Mr Brett Murphy
  Middle Leader 1   Mrs Sandra Briscoe
  Teacher Learning Advisor   Mrs Kylie Phillips
  Senior School Support Officer   Mrs Tracie Brabender (Office)  
  Kindergarten Blue   Mrs Melissa Beckhaus
 Year 1 Gold  Mr Brett Murphy
  Year 2 Blue  Mrs Glenda Grey & Mrs Karen Agius
  Year 2 Gold   Mrs Mandy Madaschi 
  Year 3 Blue   Mrs Kathy Zaffonato & Mrs Rebecca Mansbridge
  Year 4 Gold   Mr Rodney Green
  Year 5 Blue   Mrs Maria Matos
  Year 5 Gold   Mr Richard Gilmore
  Year 6 Blue   Mrs Sandra Briscoe
  Physical Education   Mrs Amy Lyons
  Drama   Mr Louis De Vet
  Reading Recovery    Mrs Mia Maitland
  EALD Teacher   TBA
  School Support Officer   Mrs Anita Jimenez
  School Support Officer   Mrs Anne Adams
  School Support Officer   Mrs Shayne George
  School Support Officer   Mrs Liz Martins
  School Support Officer   Mrs Lidija Staffiero
  School Support Officer   Mrs Sonia Andraos


School Support Officers work under the guidance of the School Principal in collaboration with each other and support the work of the classroom teachers, working with individuals or groups within the classroom.

The School Counsellor (employed by CatholicCare) works within the school one day per week, working with students (individuals and groups) and parents.  Parental permission is sought for this service.

Casual Staff  On occasions, casual (relief) teachers are employed to replace teachers due to illness, leave or their attendance at courses.  The latter is a vital component of each staff member’s professional development.  Casual teachers have the responsibility to continue the work and high standards set by teachers. They have access to the Class Casual Teacher Folder which outlines procedures, class work and student details and are therefore responsible for continuing the class program and meeting each student’s needs.


St Francis of Assisi Catholic Parish Primary School 
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